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A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
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Dansk Atletik Identity

The track represents the beating heart of so many sports, and served as the inspiration for the work we produced for Dansk Atletik, the Danish Athletics association.

They approached us following projects we had worked on with Copenhagen running crew Wolf Pack, to help them re-imagine their corporate visual identity.

As sport and athletics have evolved they wanted their identity to reflect this contemporary shift, embracing how athletics lives both on and off the track.

Our design focussed on taking personal ownership of the track – and offering the ability for it to morph into different expressions of athletic sport. In essence, showing that the track is at the heart of the sport but is carried everywhere by the individual athlete taking part. By using the lines of the track we were able to demonstrate these different disciplines but also convey the movement and flow of the sport.

The new identity was launched in January and can be seen on all their channels including their website, internally and as part of all external communications.