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Playing with physical & digital canvases for Timberland

For the launch of this boldly colourful pack of Original Timberland® Boots, we developed a spatial and digital concept, based on graphic creative direction from Timberland®. Focusing on the pack of expressive illustrations we knew we could do something really special with them by adding dimensionality through playful layering in the physical spaces and a bespoke Instagram AR filter.

Throughout the project we made considered choices so that the materiality matched the overall aesthetic of the brand, was consistent between physical and digital and was respectful to the amazing illustrators who created the original pieces.

Our bespoke designs feature in New York, Milan, London and Shanghai while our spatial design toolkit is has been applied to Timberland® stores across the globe. The Instagram filter is live and ready to play with now – check Timberland's filter gallery here.

Featured illustrators:

Nathan Walker
Marion Ben-Lisa
Kelly Anna London
Shane Hello
Andrew Archer
Yu Cai