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A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
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Alix Glow Visual Identity

We’re pleased to reveal the visual identity we’ve created for London yoga teacher Alix Glow.

The design references the tradition in yoga of bringing hands together in ‘anjali mudra’ – prayer hands. The pose was life drawn by hand and combined with radiating lines, making the logo itself appear to ‘glow’. Vibrant colours and clean typography contrasted with rougher stretching textures, intends to subtly reflect the stretch and flow of yoga practice.

Our work aims to stand apart from more generic wellness cliches by taking visual cues from bold skate/streetwear aesthetics to create something that more closely resonates with Alix’s unique personality.

Our concept was accompanied with a suite of assets for use on Instagram as well as designs for printed materials that included T-shirts, stickers, business/loyalty cards and flyers.

The identity was created with the help of our intern, Alex Day, who came to work with us as part of our ongoing relationship with Southampton Solent University’s design department. More of his work can be found on his Behance page.