Rosie Lee

Deck Chair - Skate Session Film

We have just released a video of the penultimate phase of our long term self-initiated design project Deck Chair.

Initially we made a chair that combined our love of both skate culture and beautiful industrial design. Then we decided to take the project a step further and incorporate our love of art and illustration, resulting in a set of 30 eye-popping and highly original skate boards, which would eventually form a new Deck Chair that combines all these cultural elements.

Shot at the Truman Brewery in London, the film captures four local skateboarders breaking in artist-customised skate decks at the cinematic location. The boards feature art from some of the worlds finest (and some of our favourite) illustrators and artists including Infinite Objects collaborator Annu Kilpeläinen; LAs Heroin Skateboards founder Mark Foster; Parisian / Chinese freehand sketch master Yué Wu; legendary skate artist Ged Wells; and pop-culture perverting graphic artist Mark Ward.

We created 3 short edits for our Instagram and a full edit is available here.