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A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image

Introducing Mystic Blend: the unexpected consultancy

Introducing Mystic Blend: the latest addition to Rosie Lee Group, born from a long standing desire to give back. Russell, the group’s CEO, had wanted to start a consultancy aimed at helping other creative companies navigate the trials and tribulations of growth and existence.

The combined experiences of Rosie Lee’s executive team was well placed to take up that challenge and thus the idea started to take shape. Complementing the group’s offering we now launch Mystic Blend with this mission:

“Educate, mentor and consult with organisations and individuals to grow and evolve their creative impact on the world through supporting their Leadership, Finance and Operations”.

Who if not us would be better suited to create a brand and come up with a visual identity that really speaks the company’s language and lives its culture...

The exciting project carries the name Mystic Blend because we feel it describes best what lies at the core of it. The first part of the name stands for qualities that are difficult to understand or explain. It is a metaphor for unlocking intuition and accessing what is already within us. The latter part expresses the unique mix of ingredients that make up the people of Rosie Lee Group.

The result of the visual language was a logotype that blends sophistication with a hint of the unusual, alongside patterns that convey a sense of ideas blending and infusing, unlocking the clients’ potential and positivity. Overall we aimed for high visual impact, evoking the idea of unorthodox thinking.

We are incredibly excited to see this new brand coming to life. Check out the website here and get in touch to learn more about its offering.