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Oakley Custom: Built Different

Our latest project for Oakley has launched recently in stores around the globe as well as on Oakley.com and social media. It’s a campaign developed around the brand’s community of athletes celebrating creative expression, seen everywhere from Oakley’s huge outdoor digital display at their Shibuya flagship to Milan’s HQ concept store to the phones of Oakley fans worldwide.

With the relaunch of Oakley Custom the world famous eyewear manufacturer invites consumers to create their own take on classic designs. Our task was to come up with a multi-channel platform that inspires and educates the consumer about the endless possibilities of the Custom product range.

The concept for this campaign is rooted in the habit of sport professionals expressing themselves and what they stand for through customising their sportswear and equipment. This led us to invite two of Oakley's top athletes and community leaders, Kanoa Igarashi and Chas Christiansen, to come up with their own Oakley Custom designs. Similarly to Oakley Custom they are ‘built different’ which promptly became the tagline of this campaign.

We shot these two athletes in their natural creative spaces – their workshops in Oakland and Portugal – where they took us through their process of modifying and selecting their cycling and surfing gear. In parallel we produced a number of product shots and stop frame animations highlighting Chas and Kanoa’s Custom designs alongside the wide range of further elements.

In sharing these documentary-style content pieces all over social media, we encouraged the communities of Chas and Kanoa to come up with their own bespoke pair of Oakley Custom. Finally, we created a concept that has huge potential for our friends from Oakley to continue to build upon.

Partner credits

Oakland, USA shoot

Talent: Chas Christiansen
Photographer: Keith E. Morrison
Assistant: Jorge Bardinas
Digi Tech: Renee Dodge

Ericeira, Portugal shoot

Talent: Kanoa Igarashi
Photographer: Federico Sorrentino
Assistant: Antonio Sansica
BTS Photographer: Tanner Carney
Stylist: Betta dal Bello

Modena, Italy shoot

Product photography: Studio Vetusta