A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
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Oakley Custom: Built Different Part 2

Oakley Custom is for sport-lovers who are Built Different.

They love what they do and own every aspect of doing it.

Personalised gear is a chance to express who they are and what they stand for. 

It sets them apart but also makes them part of a trailblazing community.

We continued the ‘Built Different’ platform we created with Oakley, by directing and producing a further shoot featuring new customisation options for the Clifden, Flak 2.0, Sutro Lite and Sylas products.

Featuring Oakley bespoke customisations by Oakley athletes Scump, Caroline Buchanan, Derwin James, Colby Stevenson the concept allowed customers to create a unique set of frames to suit their style.