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A hero Rosie Lee image
A hero Rosie Lee image
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PROMIX Rebrand

PROMIX offers sports nutrition created with the purest ingredients to maximise your performance.

We’ve been working with creator and founder Albert Matheny, to develop a new premium identity for the brand that celebrates the nature and purity of the ingredients and effectiveness of formulas they offer.

We created branding in a distinct two-way colour palette with a number of core variants. This works alongside a system of product branding that uses circles and colours to represent a myriad elements. They act to represent the movement in sport and training, the mix of components and fuel provided by the products and also to creatively visualise the molecular structure of the ingredients.

We used colour to categorise the variants across the range of protein and nutritional supplements, to provide clear delineation between the different flavours and product lines (including Vegan, Collagen and Whey) and also to unite the brand when used together in more top level branding opportunities.

A simple and clear approach to packaging allows us to communicate with purposeful confidence, giving customers all of the information they need about the product and the PROMIX brand.

The new mindfully sourced and packaged products will be launching soon - watch this space.