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StockX Excursions platform features bespoke broadcast tool

Having worked closely with StockX on the StockX Excursions project, we have now designed and built an innovative live stream tool for them to use as a part of the project.

StockX Excursions follows on from the successful 2019 StockXchange project, which saw StockX elevate their brand with location-specific content in Paris, amongst sneaker and streetwear communities.

With the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic taking away the opportunity of rolling out StockXchange to other cities, the concept evolved online. However we still needed to delight participants with new ways of experiencing content.

StockX Excursions became a digital guide showcasing the best that each city has to offer, focussing on what StockX does best: bringing people together through a common interest.

We are proud to work with StockX as a partner, who embrace creative freedom and allow our ideas to come to life. The final execution features a series of playful, irreverent illustrations, and a live stream tool that creates a truly live experience for the audience. As well as the live stream, speakers can collaborate with the Event Producer to bring discussions to life in real time by adding images, hyperlinks and other content straight into the audience’s browsers.

The first live StockX Excursions event takes place at 15:00 EST on Sunday 13 November and can be found here.