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The OG Magazine: Edition 10

The launch of the tenth edition of the Online Gallery Magazine, in February, coincided with the LA Frieze festival 2024, and as always features a raft of visionary, inspiring artists. Edition 10 pulls on themes of Time and it’s nice to reflect on our long, established working relationship with Che Morales, Editor at The Online Gallery Magazine.

With each article, we look to the detail of the artist’s words, messages and art to inspire our design for the magazine. Layout, font choices, colour palettes are all carefully selected to amplify the content from contributors; purposefully crafted in close collaboration with Che, to produce an impactful magazine.

Note from The Editor, Che Morales “We are captivated by the diverse ways that time influences us all. As you read through these pages, we hope that you too discover inspiration in how these artists and institutions deliver work and experiences that are as timeless as they are timely.”

Contributors for The Online Gallery Magazine Edition 10 include:

Autumn Breon, Tahnee Lonsdale, Curtis Santiago, Luna Luna: the World's first Art Amusement Park, Rob Pruitt, Shantell Martin, Kathia St Hilaire, Pat Steir, Charles Gaines, 52 Walker, Ebony Haynes, Cauleen Smith, David Michalek, Glenn Kaino, Desert X.

Find the magazine here: https://www.theonline.gallery